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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Late morning, customer drove his Mitsubishi Lancer to my shop asked me to clean up his engine room. I normally use a streamer to clean the engine room since it's safe for all electronic devices (very sensitive devices). After trying to clean the engine block for at least 10 minutes, I finally gave up. This is what it looked like when we first met this ugly monster.

* It didn't look that bad right? You're wrong. Pictures lie most of the time
(Thanks to my friend Zey)

* So I had my crew wrap up all sensitive parts ie spark plug, fuses etc. They double-checked again see if we missed anything. We started by hosing down with tap water, not pressure water for a few minutes. Then we sprayed degreaser to the parts we wanted to clean. Use brush and foam to scub dust and grease off of anything, anywhere. Then rinse off with tap water again. I used the blower to help speeding up drying time. After that, I started the engine to see if it's still alive!!! Thank God, it was. I let the engine running for a few minutes and finished it up with coating. Voila!!

Brand New again.......customer couldn't be happier for what he paid us to do the job....so little.

Until next time. Chaos

Friday, December 30, 2005

Audi A3, Light Cleaning with Menzerna PO106FF
This process is not the way to get rid of all RIDS and Swirls from the car. It's just to restore gloss back to the car. Yet, it's very time consuming. From the paint car system process we usually use at the shop (powergloss, PO85RD3 and PO106FF), I simply use a combo of PO106FF (with a gloss rate of 5) and a softpad to restore gloss back. I used Makita rotary running at almost step 3 at the dial (approx 1300-1400rpm) for the entire process. I used "wet polish" as MG vdo advised. The result was perfect.

I find this process easy for all regular maintance car. If you have a proper wash every week. Then you can repeat this light cleaning process every 3-4 months. I didn't experience any holograms when I use rotary at this speed. I guess adequate polish is needed to keep the surface wet all the time.

The process

Wash/Dry/Clay/Menzerna PO106FF+softpad @1300-1400rpm/MG Tech Wax.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Toyota Startlet, single stage paint.

There I was , demo a section at the hood of a heavy oxidized paint condition of Toyota Starlet.
What amazed me was the condition after I plished with Menzerna Powergloss and cutting pad. The paint looked wet and glossy. So I followed with Menzerna PO85 and showed to the owner of what I could do to restore the paint condition back to almost new.

This was the condition. Half of the hood was polished with Menzerna Powergloss and cutting pad.

This is after I finished with the polishing paint and wax using Poorboy Natty's blue, one of my fav. The paint looked amazing. Even without wax, it still looked awesome.

My crews were working for a final touch and inspecting the wax residue. The paint was fantastic. Still, I was unable to remove all RIDS . The time was 2AM in the morning.
I was sooo tired....

Until next time, cheers.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

TEST DAY@Station

There i was, testing pneumatic foam gun. It was Sunday when my partner and I were testing out all equipment for opening on 26th of November 2005. It was good to see suds all over the car. The tiles were laid, glass panel installed, polishes and waxes were delivered to us. We're pretty much ready

This was the glass panels I was talking about. It was really a main attraction of the shop and main detailing bay as well, fully lit like daytime.

This is only 90% completed at the moment. We are awaiting for the lightboxes and signboard to be installed. Of course, customers are included to finalize this completion. We are opening soon!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

It's been 8 days already since we bought the place. We have made some good progress.

We have fluorescents installed at the main detailing bays.

The place is superbly lit. But we may need to restructure the light placement again if they are not enough

This is the area where we just have it laid with cement. Hopefully we will have the area filled with tiles in the next few days. After that, we will have glass panel installed as well as fluorescents.

We move a bit closer now to the begining of our dream. So I'll keep updating the progress once in a while. We are negotiating for some deals with the supplier. This should finalize very soon.

I'll take more photos this Saturday .....Thanks for reading.

Monday, November 07, 2005

The Day "WashZ Station" was born

November 1st was the day to remember. As a detaling enthusiast, I have always wanted to open my own detaling shop. I have scouted several locations before my friend and I finally found this place. Deserted in the newly populated area near Kasert-Navamintra Rd, this detailing shop used to be an Autoglym's. After weeks of tough negotiation, we were finally given the key to own this place.

This is the back of the shop with 3 detaling bays and 1 washing bay.

This is the area next to the detaling bay where we plan to renovate with 2 detailing bays with guest lounge. The entire area will be transparent with glass and 40 fluorescents.

Autoglym sign was present the day we took the picture. Now it's gone.

I will keep you posted with all the pictures I take from the site as the renovation moves along. So be patient....To be continued.